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We provide a complete range of professional services for Office and Industrial Relocation, Long Distance High-Value Products Transportation, Data Center Migration and Relocation, and High Tech Storage.

Data Center Migration and Relocation

Handling and Transportation Services

Migration - Relocation - Consolidation

Full Value Coverage Available

Due to the dramatic increase of new technology, the explosion of data and heightened security concerns, data center migration and relocation has become a part of everyday life. Remote computing, disaster recovery requirements, redundant data storage required for regulatory compliance, not to mention mergers and acquisitions, all mean that a relocation or migration is no longer a once-in-a-career event for today’s IT professionals.

Services Include:

Service around the nation, 24/7 • 365

Server removal from the racks at origin

Rail and cable management deinstallation at origin

Server and rail labeling

Cart and truck loading in order of replacement at destination

Air-Ride suspension transportation on electronic transport trucks

Rail and cable management reinstallation at destination

Server re-racking at destination in proper rack-u as directed


Experience & Equipment:

Professional team drivers with years of data center relocation experience

specially-designed air-ride straight trucks and tractor trailers

Climate-controlled transportation equipment where required

Server lift capable of 68″ height and 1,000 pounds capacity

Special equipment carts, electronic “e” dolly for cabinets and racks

Liberal usage of anti-static packing material, stretch-wrap, etc.

Storage and Warehousing


Texas Moving Co., Inc. owns a 150,000 square foot office and warehouse facility in Richardson, TX that serves as our headquarters. This 6-acre complex is equipped with adjustable pallet racking designed to satisfy a variety of customer needs. With multiple entrances, 25 dock doors, and our easily accessible location just north of Dallas and minutes from the I-635 and Hwy 75 interchange, our facility is designed to accommodate the needs related to household goods warehousing and distribution.

A monitored alarm system, fire sprinkler system, and gated entrances ensure that our customer’s merchandise has the best protection available while our state-of-the-art inventory tracking system provides accurate location and handling information. Whether commercial or residential, long term or short term, Texas Moving Co., Inc. is equipped to handle your storage needs.

Hazardous Material Transportation

Texas Moving Co., Inc. is uniquely qualified to handle hazardous material transportation and storage. We have designed a portion of our warehouse facility to meet the specific challenges of dealing with potentially dangerous materials. Our Hazmat loading docks are designed with underground traps that safely collect hazardous material in the event of a spill.

Oxidizer 5.1

Explosive 1

Flammable Liquid 3

Dangerous When Wet 4

Flammable Solid 4

Spontaneously Combustible 4

Radioactive Contents Activity 7


Library and School Moving


Texas Moving Company (TMC) has gained a well-earned reputation for providing efficient and cost-effective library and school moves. We have developed and refined our procedures to provide the best possible service for these types of relocations because we realize that library and school moves have a number of special requirements. Our advantage is in the training of our project managers and movers. We work around your schedule to minimize the library’s down time, and our employees are trained to carefully catalog each cart of books during the packing process, which greatly minimizes the time that is required to reshelve the many volumes.

We realize that it is common for libraries to contain rare and valuable collections of books, maps, periodicals, and other items; we also realize that these types of materials require special packaging, handling, and storage. Texas Moving has developed specialized procedures and policies to handle high-value books:

Individual Packaging: Ensures the greatest protection for the item

Climate Controlled Storage: Protects fragile material from damaging heat and humidity

Air Ride Trucks: Smooth ride prevents damage to cargo

Sealed Hardwood Floors: Prevents road-dust from entering the truck

School Relocation

Texas Moving Company has gained a great deal of experience in relocating classrooms and entire schools. TMC is the leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex when it comes to school relocations, and we have done extensive work with many of the largest ISDs in the Metroplex.

At Texas Moving, we realize that school relocations have a number of unique requirements, and that’s why we have developed a product specifically designed to handle the challenges of educational facility relocations. It is a common misconception that schools can save money by using employees and temporary labor to perform the relocation. In most cases, it is more efficient and cost-effective to use a professional moving company to handle the move because our specialized equipment and training allows us to perform the move in a fraction of the time it takes school employees, resulting in substantial savings for the customer.


Local and Long Distance


Texas Moving Company (TMC) specializes in local and long-distance transportation. We are one of the few independent moving companies to have operating authority in all of the U.S., Canada, and most of Mexico and we are not part of a van line. Our organization has the resources and experience to provide exceptional transportation to virtually anywhere in North America.

TMC owns a fleet of over 85 vehicles. Our wide array of truck types allows us to always use the best vehicle for a specific job. Most of our trucks are equipped with air-ride suspensions, rail type lift-gates, and sealed floors to ensure that your valuable cargo receives the maximum possible protection.

Keeping Track

Allows customer access to real-time shipment tracking.

Our vast operating authority also allows TMC to handle a shipment from start to finish. We do not pass off your shipment to multiple carriers, so the Texas Moving vehicle that picks up your cargo is the same vehicle that delivers your merchandise to the final destination. This virtually eliminates the cargo damage that is common with multiple carrier shipments.

Additionally, all of our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems, allowing our operations department to obtain real-time vehicle location status. TMC uses this information to route vehicles in the most efficient manner, thereby saving the customer time and money. The system also provides an effective method of communication between the driver and dispatch, enabling the driver to communicate accurate estimated arrival times, which are relayed to the customer.

With Texas Moving Company, the customer is never left wondering when their shipment is going to arrive at the destination.


Office and Industrial Moving and Relocation Services

We provide pre-move meetings to address the details of how your relocation will be executed and scheduled per your needs, and will involve all of your personnel concerned with the relocation. Your Relocation Project Manager will monitor all phases of the relocation process and will be available as needed.


Office & Industrial

Texas Moving Co., Inc. (TMC) is a full-service moving, storage, and transportation company in business since 1975. We Service:

School districts


Government offices


Law firms

Household goods and supplies

High value products

Operations Include:

Extensive fleet of vehicles

PC disconnect, bag & tag, and reconnect services

Complete project management services

Machinery moving and reinstallation

Internal office moving, relocations, and re-stacks

Storage, warehousing, distribution, and supply chain management

Modular furniture service: disassemble and reassemble

Long distance transportation

Open file moves, tab file reconfigurations

Specialized electronic transportation

Special foam board, corner protectors, and masonite sheets

Reusable, high-impact plastic crates


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