International Moving


Texas Moving Company (TMC) really shines when it comes to international moving. Our expertise and know-how are unsurpassed. In the past couple of years, we have moved hundreds abroad. Whether your destination is Europe, South America, Asia, or anywhere else, you can count on us for safe transportation and great customer service.

When we come to your home to give you an estimate on an international move, we give you the bottom line cost, door-to-door including all packing and material. Our expert movers and packers have been professionally trained to prepare your things for their journey.

Keeping Track

Allows customer access to real-time shipment tracking.

Our vast operating authority also allows TMC to handle a shipment from start to finish. We do not pass off your shipment to multiple carriers, so the Texas Moving vehicle that picks up your cargo is the same vehicle that delivers your merchandise to the final destination. This virtually eliminates the cargo damage that is common with multiple carrier shipments.

Additionally, all of our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems, allowing our operations department to obtain real-time vehicle location status. TMC uses this information to route vehicles in the most efficient manner, thereby saving the customer time and money. The system also provides an effective method of communication between the driver and dispatch, enabling the driver to communicate accurate estimated arrival times, which are relayed to the customer.

With Texas Moving Company, the customer is never left wondering when their shipment is going to arrive at the destination.



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