Specialized Equipment

Electronic Transport’s state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles includes tandem axle, air-ride suspension, and straight trucks (“bobtails”). These vehicles represent the evolution of the single axle truck that was researched and developed by Texas Moving Company in 1984. Quite simply, this truck is designed specifically for sensitive, high-value merchandise. Every Customer using this specialized equipment has "MADE THE RIGHT MOVE" regarding their data center relocation.

  • Air-Ride Suspension

    Cushions and protects cargo

  • Tandem Axle

    Doubles hauling capacity over single axle –
    reduces cost for customer

  • Rail Type Lift

    Protects cargo by keeping load perfectly level

  • Climate Controlled Units

    Temperature  controlled vehicles for the most delicate cargo

  • Power to all 4 Rear Wheels

    Increased traction for off road access to remote locations

  • Sleeper Cab

    One driver can travel greater distances, which reduces the cost of the shipment for the customer

  • Sealed Hardwood Floors

    Eliminates dust and dirt from entering the cargo area of the vehicle, which minimizes risk to the merchandise

The "E" Dolly

The Electronic dolly or “E” dolly is designed to safely move heavy electronic equipment during data center moving. This particular dolly uses a rigid construction to accommodate the heavy weight that is typical with high-value electronics. However, the “E” dolly’s most significant feature is the addition of the swing-out wheel supports. This design reduces the stress load placed on the mover, which substantially minimizes the risk of injury to the mover and to the cargo. For increased safety, Electronic Transport requires two trained movers to operate an “E” dolly – we take the safety of our employees and the protection of the client’s merchandise very seriously.


Highest Quality Standards:

Professional team drivers with years of data center moving experience

specially-designed air-ride straight trucks and tractor trailers

Climate-controlled transportation equipment where required

A lift capable of 68″ height and 1,000 pounds capacity

Special equipment carts, electronic “e” dolly for cabinets and racks

Liberal usage of anti-static packing material, stretch-wrap, etc.


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